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After the bereavement of a loving father and daughter, he won 29.73 million pictures of his daughter and won the prize

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This is not the first Loaves N Fishes BLF grant, Camelot continues to recognise their important work with a second. The £300,000 will go towards wages and workshops for employees to help more people than ever before. However, this charity is not just about helping those in immediate need. Some of this grant will go towards employability training so that recipients of their services many help themselves out of poverty. Furthermore, as Loaves N Fishes donates household items as well as food, some employees will learn how to restore furniture. Household items are a big part of the charity’s work and these items are either sold in their shop or given to recipients.

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As for the other winner, no further details have been released about powerball most picked numbersthem as per their right. We do know that the winning ticket was purchased on 9th January (the day of the draw) in Worcester but no further details will ever be released. The £66m jackpot was the largest (as at January 2016) ever for the UK Lotto or any Camelot game.

Dating back to the 1930s, it was already considered one of the most important videos to deaf society. However, what was most surprising was that the salvaged BDA video footage contained footage of her father. It was as shocking as it was pleasing, but she asked the video technician to rewind it. Gloria could not believe her eyes. A second viewing confirmed what she had suspected. In the video was her father, Arthur King. She felt that her father was once again in the room with her and was pleased to be able to “introduce” her children and grandchildren to the father she lost when so young.

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