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Sport: one of the hardest hit areas of 2020. Even in thow to win the powerball lottery guaranteedhe best of years, sport often struggles for funding. But the importance of funding cannot be overstated. Team GB 2012 and 2016 Olympic success came through one of the largest investment campaign in British sporting history. Most of this was, of course, lottery money. Since then (and before) the National Lottery has been a vital contributor to sporting development at grass roots level as well as the top of each game. Now, thanks to the same National Lottery funding the 2021 Rugby 7s season will go ahead in a joint venture between RFU, SFU and WRU.

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North Devon Cancer and Wellbeing Centre received just over £300,000 from the National Lottery. This will go towards the running costs once the centre is built. The centre, once built, is a fully charitable facility. It will support not just cancer patients, but also other people with long-term health conditions. However, unlike a lot of other such medical facilities, it will also support families of those with long-term sickness. From diagnosis, treatment, recovery and getting back to a normal life, Residents of North Devon new cancer facility is state of the art. Attached to and within the grounds of North Devon District Hospital, it’s a much needed cancer facility for the area.

Colin Weir is no stranger to philanthropy, nor to helping out grass roots football programmes. Once famed for helping out his beloved Partick Thistle Football Club, now he’s looking elsewhere. The next step for Colin Weir football philanthropy is Africa. In August, The Colin Weir Foundation made a substantial donation to a charity called Africa on the Ball. Based in Zambia, it promotes a number of issues for local children. While helping children out of poverty and potentially look at a career in The Beautiful Game, it’s already making great strides towards its goals.

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The Back from the Brink mission has always been about protecting the 20 most at risk species. Already they have helped restore numbers for one of England’s most important species of butterfly. The chequered skipper butterfly became extinct in the UK in the 1970s. However, thanks to this programme, they are now back with a vengeance. In 2017, the first new chequered skippers were born in the UK. 200 more species will benefit over the coming years.